Dr Trueman is part of the specialist team working with City Fertility based in Robina on the Gold Coast. Dr Trueman understands the frustration and anxiety that commonly occurs when couples that are otherwise ready for a family, are unable to conceive. Geoff is an experienced fertility and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) specialist who will collaborate with you and your partner during your appointments to make a plan that will give you the best possible chance at conceiving. You and your partner will need a joint referral to see Dr Trueman and you both need to attend the initial consultation. A thorough infertility assessment may include investigations such as Full Blood examinations, Hormone Assays, Thyroid studies, Sperm Analysis, Laparoscopy Dye Tests and detailed Ultrasounds. City Fertility will provide any pharmaceuticals that will assist with your conception. If required egg pick up will be performed through City Fertility.

Some high risk factors to be aware of that may be hindering a couple’s chance of conceiving are the woman’s age, lifestyle, weight (too heavy or too light), diet, caffeine, alcohol, recreational drug use, exercise (or lack of) and stress levels.

Dr Trueman is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service to ensure that you and your partner are treated with the upmost care and respect. He is aware that this is can be a challenging time in your lives but will use current evidence based practice to give you the best possible chance at conceiving.



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