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Practice Information


Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm

Friday 8am – 3pm

Our first appointment of the day is at 8am and last is at 4pm.

Dr Trueman does offer Gynaecology consults in Byron Bay approximately once a month.

Dr Trueman is available for “Skype” appointments for Rural and Remote patients.



Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment so that we are to process the necessary paperwork. While we always endeavour to run on time, sometimes emergencies can push appointments back a little. We appreciate your patience. Please note that parking at the John Flynn Hospital can sometimes be difficult please allow extra time for parking.

Referrals from General Practitioners last for 12 months for the same condition and should you come back for further review after a twelve month period has elapsed a new referral is required. A new condition requires a new referral. A referral from a Specialist lasts 3 months.

Please remember to bring the following things to your appointment:

  • Your referral letter
  • Medicare card, DVA card.
  • Private Health Insurance details
  • Copies of results such as x-rays, ultrasounds and any other relevant information you may have.
  • List of medications you are currently taking.
  • List of drug allergies and symptoms you experience from taking them.


We are not a bulk-billing practice. All patients must pay on the day of their consultation at which time an account/receipt will be issued. We accept cash, cheques, major credit cards, and EFTPOS. The account/receipt is required to claim from Medicare which we can process on your behalf on the day of your consultation.

Please contact our friendly staff more a more detailed fee structure.


All private patients account for surgery will be forwarded directly to the Health Fund; there will be no out of pocket expenses for surgery from Dr Trueman. All patients being admitted through The Tweed Public Hospital will not receive an account for surgery. Please note there may be separate accounts from the Anaesthetist, Hospital, pathology and any other attending doctors or specialist’s accounts. If your baby/child is visited by a Paediatrician this may incur additional charges also.


There will be times when you may need to cancel or change your appointment. If this is the case, please phone our friendly staff at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if possible.  This will enable us to either reschedule your appointment, or offer your appointment time to another patient on the waiting list.


Minor surgical procedures are carried out in Dr. Trueman’s rooms. Please ask any questions you are unsure about PRIOR to the procedure. All patients will be required to pay for the procedure on that day. Some procedures involve a small amount of local anaesthetic. If you feel faint or dizzy please advise us prior to leaving the rooms as some patients need to lie down and rest for approximately 20 minutes after a procedure depending on the type of treatment received. All instruments used in this practice are individually washed with an antiseptic solution, individually bagged, sealed and dated, and then autoclaved steam sterilized using a Siltex steam sterilizer, according to the Australian Sterilizing Standards Code of Practice. Records are kept of each batch of instruments sterilized. All instruments are for individual use only and are not opened for the individual until required. Sterile stock is rotated to ensure all instruments are sterile at all times.


You are welcome to bring a partner or an accompanying person to be present for your consultation.


Dr Trueman is on call for deliveries every week at the John Flynn Hospital from 8am Monday morning until 5pm Friday afternoon, during the day and overnight. Dr Trueman is on call every fourth weekend, sharing the on call roster with three of his colleagues; Dr’s Shiri Dutt, Ash Hanafy, Maneesh Singh. He does take approximately five weeks holiday each year and occasionally has conferences to attend. During these times the Obstetrician on call for the week will cover for deliveries and admissions.

(07) 5598 0055
Suite 3B John Flynn Medical Centre
42 Inland Drive
Tugun QLD 4224